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Moving to Kubernetes just got a little easier thanks to Civo

Civo has announced the launch of its new Partner Program. Open to any company in the tech space, the program aims to support the growth ambitions of partners and encourage the brightest minds of the industry to come together and collaborate on reshaping the cloud-native landscape. To join the program, partners bring sales leads to Civo in exchange for a commission. Organizations are supported by Civo’s sales and engineering team every step of the way, helping them to rapidly move up the partner tiers from registered to select to the premier, and grow their commission in the process.

Partners receive exclusive benefits including a no-fuss referral scheme and free Civo credit to host applications on Civo’s production-ready managed Kubernetes platform. Users of Civo benefit from a streamlined application hosting experience, ensuring organizations can focus more of their energy on development, and less on managing infrastructure.

Civo is committed to helping partners to thrive and offers partners a variety of bespoke marketing collaboration opportunities to maximize an organization’s ability to reach potential customers.

The Partner Program forms part of Civo’s mission to cut through the opaqueness and complexity that characterizes the big cloud providers. Civo’s Partner Program provides a concise package for any company that wishes to apply with no complicated conditions involved.

Moving to Kubernetes

At the launch of the program, Civo is excited to announce its first premier partner: Fullstaq, a fast-growing cloud-native IT service company. Full-stack regularly works with both start-ups and enterprises on their tech journey, and last year they became The Netherlands’s first certified Kubernetes consultancy agency. Now through this new partnership, Fullstaq will work with Civo to provide customers with expert guidance on making the jump to Kubernetes.

“We are very proud to be the first premier partner of Civo. Civo offers a great managed Kubernetes environment that enables customers to spin up clusters at low costs. The ‘plug & play concept makes it really easy for companies to set up their applications in an easy and budget-friendly way,” said Gerrit Tamboer, CEO of Fullstaq.

“Our partner program is designed to empower Civo customers and our partners with the best services on the market. We are excited to have partners like Fullstaq who are helping improve the Civo offering by making the move to Kubernetes easier than ever,” said Mark Boost, CEO & co-founder of Civo.

Find out more about the Civo Partner Program here:

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