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Netflix Has A New Trio Of Mobile Games For You To Try Out

Netflix has a trio of new mobile games for you to try out, having just recently added a handful of new titles to its app for players. Spotted by Android Police, the app now serves up a total of 10 games. All of which can be installed through Google Play after clicking on them in the Netflix app.

Since games officially started rolling out to users in the US last month, most people should see the Netflix mobile games row while scrolling, including the new titles that were added. All of these are free titles just like the last ones that were available at launch. As they’re all included with the Netflix monthly membership fee that you already pay.

New Netflix mobile games are pretty casual

Don’t go launching the app thinking you’re going to be met with a crop of hardcore action-based titles or AAA-quality RPGs. Netflix is starting to lean more into the games space by adding to its library of offerings, but all the games are still fairly casual. That doesn’t mean they won’t be enjoyable, though.

Even if you’re not someone who plays casual mobile games a lot, they have their place. Sometimes it’s just nice to sit back with a game that won’t take too much of your attention. Whether you just want to play in the background while watching TV or you’re looking for a nice commute-friendly game across town.

The games that have been recently added include Knittens, Wonderputt Forever, and Dominoes Cafe. As you can probably guess from the titles of the last two, Wonderputt Forever is a casual golf game and Dominoes Cafe is a casual game about Dominoes.

What about Knittens though? Well, let me tell you. Knittens is a match-3 puzzle game that features pictures of cute and cuddly kittens. And honestly, how can you not enjoy that, unless you hate cats or puzzle titles? It’s surely not going to be game of the year by any stretch. But you might love it all the same. Even casually.

And at the very least it could be a great game if you have kids. Something for you to let them play when they ask to play a game on your phone as it were.

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